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Complete Automotive Service

Pugh's Service offers a variety of services for your vehicle. Some of our most popular services include Brake Replacement, Rotate and Balance Tires, Transmission Services, Winterization, Alignments, A/C Recyle and/or Recharge, and Tune-ups. We also offer a Towing Service, should your needs require it.

Services: $10.00 plus related parts on standard vehicles.

-Services include a general check of your vehicle, changing the oil and oil filter, inspecting the air filter (changing as needed), and making sure all fluids are at their proper levels.

Hourly Rate: $103.00 per hour

  • Price is prorated - 1/2 an hour equates to $51.50


-If you have any questions on pricing please call in or make a request below.  We will be happy to accomodate you!



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