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3 Reasons Your Car has a Banging Noise

We have all been there. You are in your car, driving along, and out of nowhere you hear a big BANG!Your paranoia kicks in, and as soon as you get home you rush out of your car to look for potential causes.

Here is a list of possible culprits to help you identify the cause of that Bang! ... Read More


Taking a Vacation? Perform these Four Checks on your Car before you go

Going on vacation?

Whether you are planning to drive, fly, or take a train or boat, your travel will still involve your car in some capacity. That is why you should make sure that you check your vehicle for these four things before you leave.... Read More


Why Do My Tires Wear Unevenly? 

Just had your Tires Replaced and it seems like they are already worn out?If you have this concern, you are not alone. If you feel as though this question applies to you then take a look as some of the tips that may shed some light on your problem.... Read More


 My A/C is Blowing Hot Air! What do I Do?!

Imagine this…. After being parked for hours, you get in your car on a beautiful HOT summer day with the windows up. You start your car looking for the rush of Cold, Crisp Refreshing Air and Relief to pour from your Car’s Air Conditioner….

Not today! What you get instead is hotter air than the air you thought you were leaving behind.

Sound Familiar? You’re not alone, misery loves company.... Read More


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