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Fall Automotive Challenges? ✅✅✅

Did you know? The Fall months are some of the most challenging for drivers and their cars. Why? After Summer, upkeep of our cars and trucks takes a back seat to going back to school, work, and life in general... Learn More


Checklist: Is your Car Rain-Ready? ✅✅✅

When the weather gets wet, it is beneficial for drivers to make sure their vehicles are ready go. So, how do you get your car ready to ride in the wet weather? Surprisingly, it’s not a difficult list to check... Learn More

Ceramic Brake Pads vs Semi Metallic? Which should you be Using?

Do you know if your auto shop replaces your Brake Pads with Semi Metallic or Ceramic Pads? If not, it would be wise to ask... Read More

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil & Which should You be Using?

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil?

If you are wondering if you should switch the type of oil that you are using in your vehicle then don’t feel alone. Thousands of Automotive customers turn that question over in their heads endlessly to no avail. This is why we are here to help... Read More

Why is my Car's Heater not Working?

Nothing is worse than running out to your car on a bitter cold morning, turning the key, and switching on the heat, only to find that your car’s heater doesn’t want to come on… or worse, the heater only blows cold air... Read More

 Why Should I Get My Oil Changed

Despite its importance to your vehicle’s overall wellbeing, people oftentimes either put off, forget, or completely forego the Regular Maintenance that their Car needs to ensure it’s continually running smoothly... Read More


 Should I Warm My Car Up in the Winter?

Make life easier on your Car. 🚗

Warm it up in the morning so that your Oil can reach all the critical engine components quicker and easier on your morning commute... Read More

How to Get Your Car Ready for the Winter

How do you stay on top of things when winter comes blowing in? You take your car to a trusted Automotive Shop, like Pugh’s Service Automotive, to make sure it is in tip-top shape to handle the coming winter weather... Read More

Get your Car ready for Holiday Road Trips with Pugh's Service Automotive's SHOT Inspection!

Don’t look now, but with holidays fast approaching, that means traveling…. Lots and lots of traveling. Whether it be through the skies, on the road, or both, you will need to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape to make the trip. This way you can make it to Grandma’s house safely and without incident... Read More 

5 Causes of Air Flow Problems in your Car's Venting System

The scenario above can be applied during the wintertime as well, when it comes to heating, but either way, there is nothing worse than the HVAC vents of your car not operating properly. So naturally, your first question is what could be causing this issue?

With that in mind, here are a few ways to determine what is causing your vehicle’s vents to not produce any air.... Read More

Get True "Service" with your nex Service

When people take their car in for a Service, many shops for speed and convenience, will only change the Oil and Oil Service. This may be better for your daily planning, but is really what is best for your vehicle? Is it enough?...Read More

How to Find Your College Freshman a Trustworthy Automotive Repair Shop

If you are one of these parents, a parent who is sending away a newly minted Freshman to an out of state school, you are likely going out of your mind trying to prepare.

 While we can’t help with paying your college tuition expenses, we can provide some helpful tips to finding trustworthy Automotive Repair Shops… Read More


3 Reasons Your Car has a Banging Noise

We have all been there. You are in your car, driving along, and out of nowhere you hear a big BANG!Your paranoia kicks in, and as soon as you get home you rush out of your car to look for potential causes.

Here is a list of possible culprits to help you identify the cause of that Bang! ... Read More


Taking a Vacation? Perform these Four Checks on your Car before you go

Going on vacation?

Whether you are planning to drive, fly, or take a train or boat, your travel will still involve your car in some capacity. That is why you should make sure that you check your vehicle for these four things before you leave.... Read More


Why Do My Tires Wear Unevenly? 

Just had your Tires Replaced and it seems like they are already worn out?If you have this concern, you are not alone. If you feel as though this question applies to you then take a look as some of the tips that may shed some light on your problem.... Read More


 My A/C is Blowing Hot Air! What do I Do?!

Imagine this…. After being parked for hours, you get in your car on a beautiful HOT summer day with the windows up. You start your car looking for the rush of Cold, Crisp Refreshing Air and Relief to pour from your Car’s Air Conditioner….

Not today! What you get instead is hotter air than the air you thought you were leaving behind.

Sound Familiar? You’re not alone, misery loves company.... Read More


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